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Do you need a transgender and non-binary equality policy?

As part of a cultural overhaul of the insurance market, Lloyd's of London has issued a new guide to transgender and non-binary inclusion. Is this something you should consider in your workplace?

The guide, published on the Lloyd’s website, offers advice and resources for insurance businesses about how to foster a “stable emotional work environment” for trans and non-binary workers, so that they can experience equality and inclusion in the insurance community. It covers advice on such topics as:

  • why be trans and non-binary inclusive? The guide estimates that 4% of workers could currently identify as trans/non-binary, and it advises businesses to expect this percentage to rise to as high as 20% in the next decade, as younger people, many of whom reject gender binaries, join the workforce
  • trans and non-binary language and respectful interaction, e.g. how to ask someone which name and pronoun they prefer to use to describe themselves
  • how to start your trans/non-binary journey
  • allies and role models
  • next steps, including creating a policy and/or a guide, holding an event, carrying out trans and non-binary inclusion training and implementing reverse mentoring.

The guide also includes case studies from trans and non-binary people, action points and a “genderbread person” graphic that explores the interplay between biological sex, gender identity, sexual orientation and gender expression.

Whilst you don’t need to produce a detailed 29-page guide like Lloyd’s has done, you should nevertheless consider putting in place a transgender and non-binary equality policy to highlight your commitment to trans/non-binary inclusion. Your policy will also give a clear written reference for your line managers and other staff on how to support such individuals within your organisation, including in relation to their transition/change in gender expression.

You should at least consider implementing a trans and non-binary equality policy if you don’t already have one, and include trans/non-binary inclusion within your equal opportunities and dignity at work staff training programme.

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