Frequently Asked Employment Questions

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Document updated/added on 30.04.2020

Topic: Recruitment process

How do we get references to work for us?

Make sure that the request includes all the areas that you want a response to cover. For example, ask: (1) about competence in the job, ability to manage workload, attendance and timekeeping record and relations with others; (2) if any recent grievances have been raised by the candidate, as this may highlight potential troublemakers, and; (3) whether the candidate has been subject to any disciplinary or performance management proceedings and, if so, the outcome (but this won't include disclosing any disciplinary or performance warnings that have expired). However, do be aware that it's relatively common for employers to agree to provide only basic factual references confirming dates of employment and job title, even if you've requested a more detailed reference from them. There's no general legal obligation on employers to provide references, so there’s nothing you can really do if you don’t get the information you requested.