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Topic: Redundancy

How can we use appraisals to make unproductive staff redundant?

The first trick is to weight the performance-related criteria so that it's loaded against those who are underperforming. This means that when you come to total the scores across the various different selection criteria that you have used, poor performers will be given an extra weighting. Secondly, if you have any appraisals/performance reviews due in the intervening period, instruct managers to carry them out thoroughly. This will make it harder for any disgruntled employee to succeed in an unfair dismissal claim if you can show that they were selected due to their poor performance, which has been documented. Thirdly, keep good records of any appraisals that are carried out. Note. The redundancy situation still needs to be genuine and provable on the facts; you can't use redundancy as an excuse to get rid of a poor performer.