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Dismissal Documents

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Letter to accompany settlement agreement
Once you have negotiated a settlement with the employee in principle, you will need to draft an agreement and give it to them with a covering letter explaining the requirement that they seek independent legal advice in connection with its content.The negotiation processWhen you produce a draft Settlement... Read more
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Type: Letter
Disciplinary procedure
Dealing with conduct and other disciplinary matters is one of the most difficult challenges for any employer. Make a wrong move and an employee can exact a high price. And even if you've a good reason to take action, tribunals demand that you follow the right procedure to the letter. Our disciplinary... Read more
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Type: Procedure
Suspension letter
In cases of gross or very serious misconduct, you should give careful consideration to suspending the employee for a brief period during your disciplinary investigation and pending a formal disciplinary hearing. Use our suspension letter for this purpose.Suspension from dutyIf there's an allegation... Read more
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Type: Letter
Letter confirming payment in lieu of notice
Where you've stated an employee isn't required to work out their notice period and instead will be paid in lieu of notice, use our letter to confirm the PILON payment. You need to work out whether it's a contractual payment or not.Contractual payment or damages?Where there's an express clause in the... Read more
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Type: Letter
Letter following disciplinary appeal hearing
After the disciplinary appeal hearing, you need to formally notify the employee in writing of the outcome. The decision on an appeal is normally final unless your disciplinary procedure specifically contains a right of further appeal to a higher level of management.Uphold or rejectAfter hearing the employee's... Read more
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Type: Letter
Capability procedure
Dealing with an employee's poor performance can be particularly difficult where you know they are simply incapable of fulfilling the tasks and duties expected of them in their role, so they aren't really to blame. Our capability procedure ensures you deal with the problem both fairly and sympathetically.What... Read more
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Type: Procedure
Settlement agreement
When you want to prevent an employee from issuing proceedings in relation to the infringement of their statutory employment rights on termination of their employment, consider going down the settlement agreement route. This is an alternative to going through time-consuming dismissal procedures. In addition,... Read more
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Type: Agreement
Written warning and final written warning
Following a disciplinary hearing, if you want to formally warn the employee you will need to issue either a written warning or a final written warning. These are important documents so you should ensure you draft them carefully; a one-liner simply telling the employee you are giving them a "written warning"... Read more
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Type: Letter
Letter enclosing P45 and or final salary pay slip
 Letter enclosing P45 and/or final salary pay slipIt's not always possible to provide an employee with their P45 and/or final salary pay slip on their last day of employment. In this situation, these documents must be sent on to their home address at a later date. You can use our covering letter for... Read more
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Type: Letter
Letter following receipt of medical certificate during suspension
It's not uncommon for employees who are suspended from work pending a disciplinary hearing to get themselves signed off sick with anxiety, stress or depression. As the employee can't now come to work because they're apparently too sick, they don't need to be suspended any more. So, use our letter following... Read more
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Type: Letter
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